Regarding Bill Wysong’s call

It is completely correct that we need to bring evidence based research into our field. It is not correct that nothing is being done about this need.
For the last few years we have offered research workshops at every conference. We have set up a research listserv designed to provide some materials and links for collaboration on research. Rory Remer has designed a plan for a multi-site project to measure effectiveness of psychodrama which we are promoting worldwide, and will be working on at this year’s conference. That project is designed to be simple, possible to use in agencies or hospitals or private practice, without formal training in research modalities.
We are continuing to tweak it to make it simpler, better, easy to use. We seek input on it and have put it up on the listserv and out to colleagues in Asia and Europe.
I have been arguing for inclusion of more data based research and more professional editing in our journal for years. Nancy Kirsner and I both made monetary donations to ASGPP for research in our field. So far no one has applied for those funds.
I am interested in talking to and working with anyone else who wants to help with this very serious issue. We definitely need to do this or our lovely method will wither and die.

Erica Hollander

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