More on using psychodrama in education in EU

From: Carlos Ramirez <>
Subject: Patie – Psychodrama as Tool in Education
Date: June 30, 2015 at 11:52:23 AM MDT

Dear all,
I write to the group to share information about a wonderfull project I have been part for the last two years. It is a program to promote Psychodrama for adult educators funded by EU,
The Patie program is based on the Potens Project also about the use of Psychodrama in the classroom.
In Spain it has been conducted by Alecop ( a company engaged in innovative learning, learning solutions, learning equipment and so…
Materials have been created covering major Psychodrama topics and 64 hours Pilots studies have been conducted in 5 EU countries, with extremelly successfull results.
I will share with the list the materials (handbooks) when ready.
This type of approach to Psychodrama dissemination opens new spaces for practice and may enrich the work of the educators in the classroom.
Thanks for your attention:

Carlos Ramirez Garcia
Psicólogo – Psicoterapeuta
Campo Volantin 5, Entreplanta B
48007 – Bilbao – Spain
Tfl- 665702282

The cooperative company from Mondragon Corporation culminates successfully the first course in the country oriented to professors empowerment in group management through Psychodrama, a group therapy that uses dramatic art techniques, that has involved 13 participants from the Basque country .
“I ’ve noticed a change in the classroom that, probably, is due to my own change during this course. The school year has been difficult, but its closure was really good ”, explains one of the participants during the pilot sessions of Psychodrama for educators, which have taken place during March and June in Alecop cooperative.
The framework of this course is the PaTiE Project (Psychodrama as a Tool in Education) in which the company Alecop has been working since 2013 and which is founded by the European Union. The main goal is to design psychodrama training materials adapted to improve adult educators’ skills. Thus, the training materials performed by training institutions from Italy, Greece, Poland and Spain, train to empower the professors in conflict management, the communication in the classroom and facilitation of the learning process, the creation of a confident environment in the group and the management of heterogeneous groups, among other capabilities. These skills are based on the research done
by PaTiE project among adult educators from all the participating countries in order to identify their real needs.
It seems that the course, however, has exceeded the initial expectations and the participants have shown their satisfaction with the learned techniques, as can be excerpted from the feedback and final evaluation sheets. They have stressed the personal and professional learning acquired during the pilot, as well as in the chance of group work training, the high experiential component of the course or the excellent organizers. They mentioned specially the psychologist that directed the workshops, Carlos Ramírez, who has a Degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy and has completed his training in Psychology, Psychotherapy
and Sports Science in England, Scotland, Canada and the US. “I think that this course should be included in the official training for educators ”, states one of the professors.
Pilot course has consisted in eight sessions, all founded by the Project budget, with around eight hours per session, during which the participants have had the opportunity to learn about all the topics designed for the course: Introduction to the Psychodrama, Warm-up,
The power of the group, Role playing, Conflict solving, Working with symbols, Group
mapping and Sharing. After the pilot, the partners in the project are now improving the
training materials and finishing the design of the course with a view in offering it the next
year among the interested educators.
For more information visit the webpage of the project or call +34 943 71 24 05.

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