Welcome to the Psychodrama Research blog! The blog is a place to find resources devoted to research in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. The listserv is a tool for communicating with others who share such interests.  No prior experience is needed, just a desire to participate. We welcome beginners, experienced researchers and those who may be on the fence considering whether they want to test the research waters. Open minds all invited.  We began as an email list, moved briefly to a google group, but hope this is more user friendly.

The idea is to offer places to exchange ideas, ask questions, get feedback, run research designs by interested others, think things through together, find collaborators, get suggestions, share instruments, and generally encourage and foster research projects in the field, or, for that matter, in related fields. On the  blog there will be postings and bibliographies, articles, websites, videos or links to them that are in line with our interests. Maybe we will even run some drafts by one another to get reactions. Constructive criticism and thoughtful discussion are grist for the mill.  The listserv should be useful to discuss whatever is up relating to research and writing.  When you want a particular person or few people to respond, please write to that person or  persons directly to avoid cluttering up others’ email.

Research and writing in the practice are not only important to the future of the field, they are intriguing and exciting. Instruments others have found useful may be helpful to you. Ways to get around design problems can be discussed. Materials that you have found that others may not have seen can be shared. Let’s see what kind of good work we can stir up and support one another in doing!

We have a blog and associated listserv. Anyone can post to the listserv.  Posts to the blog will go through the moderator. Both will have archived material so old stuff can be accessed.  To keep the listserv discussion moving, please post in short messages– up to, say, 3 brief paragraphs, and, of course, please try to make the material of general interest. Making use of links will be concise and efficient. If you have a more particular communication to make, please send it to the individual or few you address directly and not to the list. If you have a paper you think people should read, a survey you want to put out, a bibliography to share, or any longer piece of material, suggest it to the list moderator for the blog at ericahollander@comcast.net .

If you don’t want to be included in the list, send a note to ericahollander@comcast.net.  How does that all sound?

We ‘re off!


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