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A collaborative sociometric research project

When Martica Bacallao, PhD, TEP , Linnea Carlson-Sabelli, PhD, TEP and I, Ann Hale, met last Fall we discussed the possibilities of moving forward with providing evidenced based research on viability of role reversal as a process for improving interpersonal

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An article on Social Cognitive Development research

Carol Dweck is at Stanford and associated with the positive psychology movement that will be discussed at the ASGPP meeting in April. Some of Dweck’s research is directed at how to further learning–and she offers the idea that appreciating trial

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A paper on why it makes sense to use simple outcome measures all the time

Does a Continuous Feedback Model Improve Psychotherapy Outcomes? —Jeff Reese, Larry Norsworthy, & Steve Rowlands Reese, R., Norsworthy, L., & Rowlands, S. (2009). Does a continuous feedback model improve psychotherapy outcomes? Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 46, 418-431. Category: PCOMS

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